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breaking barriers

How far could a super motivated tennis player with a life time of coaching, playing and competitive experience push the envelope if they trained and competed just as a younger player would ? 

How much would all that life experience count - how far could it take them vs the decades younger competitor.


If this tennis player focused, trained and competed like an Olympian would - looking to keep improving to peak in 4 years - taking the long view.


How far could they turn their clock back ? How much skill and “game” could they add at this point.


How long could they keep adding skill, speed, reaction and strength - where is our ceiling ?? How far up is it?


I’m improving a tiny bit each week - getting more flexible, stronger, a little quicker - sharper in points. A gradual process. My recovery after training or matches is also speeding up.


But how long will this continue ?

Nobody in the world really knows! It’s never been thoroughly tested.


15 years ago as athletes we couldn’t imagine a quarterback winning the Super Bowl at age 43 or someone age 80 climbing Mt Everest!


I watched Federer today playing in Geneva - his first match in forever ! He looked very sharp - moving as well as he did years ago and striking the ball almost better than years ago ! He’ll be 40 in August.


I haven’t been beating my self up on the circuit with travel and intense competition. I’ve been teaching /coaching for a long time. Focusing on others and not pushing my own body - just staying in shape.


Now that I’m really pushing - it’s responding - in a very positive way.

So Come On !!!! Let’s have a real adventure here and just see what’s possible using Pro Tennis as the vehicle.


To do this right takes proper resources. 


We don’t want to compromise on scheduling, travel, equipment, seeking coaching or anything. To get really good at international tennis and have a chance - you have to get a high National rank first which means traveling anywhere in the IUS that offers a National tournament with National ranking points


I’m currently ranked 242 in the US - decent but not high enough to get into Pro Qualifiers.


Once you have your top 50 or so National rank you use that to enter the lower tier ITF Pro Circuit qualifiers. There are anywhere from 4-8 of those tournaments being played worldwide on any given week. 


These tournaments  take ATP world ranked players first then Nationally ranked players. 


You usually have to win 3 rounds in the qualifying to make it into a Main draw.


Once in the main draw you have to win a round to receive 1 ATP point and then you are World Ranked at around 2000  


Now you are above all nationally ranked players and you again enter qualifiers to earn more points and move up the ATP Computer of Pro Tennis players.


To get straight into Wimbledon you need to be among the top 104 players in the world ! 


Or if you are ranked between 105 and the next 128 players - 233 you can enter a qualifying tournament held the week before Wimbledon where you need to win  3 rounds to get a spot in the Wimbledon main draw.

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