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Hi  there

I have great news for all us over 35s  !

The further I get into this challenge, the more I realize how much we can do at 60!

and it has to be the same at 50 or 70 !!

I was thinking I could recover decades of athleticism in one or 2 seasons but was surprised by how much had disappeared, through decades of suboptimal training and less use !!

Here's the good news:

It all comes back

and in a strange way

Better than before !!.

The process of training and trying to improve

 is more enjoyable now at age 60, 

than it was 30 years ago.

It's more fun now, especially since I've adopted

a more gradual - don't sweat it - just keep going -approach !!

You appreciate the small gains much more now.


I will show you - not today- but over the next couple of months

how to guarantee yourself good results

and how to keep the process 

exciting and fun to do !! 

Every component has taken many more repetitions at slower speeds and with lighter weight 

than I thought it would.

And here's another interesting thing 

Every part of the body has rebelled against more repetition.

It started with the feet,

then the rear end - Ha -(the glutes)

then the achilles,

then shoulders,

then both knees.

Amazing !

Each part, during their rebellion ( uprising !)

ached and screamed and swore at me.

The left achilles and calf

ballooned to 3 times the normal size !!

During the feet's rebellion, I couldn't even walk on them

 at the end of a day - for weeks - after workouts.

** Someone warned me against sharing this Negative stuff  **

but this is actually quite positive if you stick with this here !!


as each body part 'acted up'

I'd back the workouts up a little, 

and actually add wayyyyy more EASY reps of whatever -

running - lifting - moving.

For example, when the achilles ballooned way up

I didn't ice - I didn't rest - I didn't take an anti-inflammatory !!

No elevation or compression !!

I got up the next day and instead of playing,

I tried to jog slowly but couldn't - so I walked 

which was fine - tightness - but No Sharp Pain - thats the key.

Find the level just below sharp pain !!!!

I call it the Rehab Sweetspot.

So I went into 'Rehab Mode"  - part of the process 

- not sad or angry !!...

Just another day in the wonderful process of becoming a competitive athlete again - happy to do it !!

:) Proper mindset speeds the process along.

 I walked on a nice outdoor court.

I went there because I thought I could shadow slowly on the achilles - but no way!!

Instead, I walked back and forth - up and back


 around the outside of the court .....


4 hours in the morning


4 hours in the afternoon !!

This is my job now so - clock in and do it !!

I did this for 1 1/2 weeks !

Each day the swelling would diminish a little further, and I could walk a little faster.

 I was next able to shadow slowly on it. 

 Then, after the 1 1/2 weeks, I could jog on it.

 The next week I could push off to serve and return serve gently !

One week later ... playing with a college player !

This seems like no big deal,

but I know other tennis players that were out for months !!

And one top player I know was out for almost 2 years. !!!

So this is a very big deal !!


Every injury has been like this - I had extreme tennis elbow and thought - oh no this is bad - 8 months of torture !!

..... 3 weeks !!

gone !

Same approach !!

I would go into the gym and sit on the arm curl machine in a nice relaxed position and do 1 arm curls more reps with my affected arm ....... for an hour !... twice a day ! Ha 

If someone came and needed the machine, I'd go do something else, and come back.

No heavy weight !!!! not one tough rep,

  Just moving easy weight at medium speed up and down

....... over and over and over  

I'd switch arms to give the affected each arm a break !

It felt great - just like all the walking did.

Actually relaxing and fun to do -

 a mini adventure,

 A game to see how many reps I could do to

 to speed the healing.

So -

high rep,

as frequently as possible,

as many reps as you can stand

and always below the level of sharp pain - key 

After each bout of rebellion,

the affected body part rebounded

becoming much tougher and stronger


ready to go to the next level.

For you guys and gals out there -

I could have avoided every single injury if I had taken more time and more care with base building.

But we become impatient 

We're nowadays encouraged to Sprint  - even uphill !!

Go for it !!

High Intensity Interval training ! ha - crazy


people want to see results 

Charlie !!

Where are your results !!

Why is this taking so long .... 

You're not making it !! 

You can't do it ! - ha


I tell them now -

4 years in the minors !!

Roger Federer 

no tournament wins first 3 seasons on tour !

Yes  -there are 19 year old phenoms

but look closely and you'll 

always see at least 4 years of tournaments 

leading preceding their 

'overnight success' !  - ha




is the

 formula :)




Current Training 


I'm currently training in New Hampshire

As of March 20, '23

I have a US National ranking of 91.

These rankings are used for entering the qualifying 

tournaments of the first level pro events.

They change a few times a year.

My level still  needs to  come way way ( not a typo !)  up !!

and this will happen with an even stronger base 

and then lots stronger competition.

(losing better)


I'm training off - court for a little while longer here.

 Practicing  with a current college player for  a month

made me realize I desperately needed much more 

lower body work:




Again !

The good news for anyone over 35  is .......... 

Every single day  !!

there are small, clear improvements experienced.

Flexibility is now almost back to what it was at age 30.

Endurance in the legs is half way back now. 

Strength is also greatly improved.


I've been RUNNING a ton  - 

7 days a week, twice a day, 

with a day off here and there as you feel you need it.

It takes high high volume  to rebuild a base of toughness and endurance in the legs.

It's working, but it's a long process. 


While analyzing video from playing with the above mentioned 

college player , 

I clearly saw that I was playing too upright 

I needed to be much


This requires much more 

strength, endurance and flexibility.

I can do it now - each week -  for longer periods  !!! 

Being wider and lower allows you to move

 much further 

with fewer steps !

You also have much better stability when you set up at the shot.

At this


"athletic height"

(not experienced for over 30 years ! seriously )

when your opponent  gives you a hard, 

 heavy ball ,you are better able

to hold your ground and handle their pace.

You can then use more legs and better push from the ground, generating more power from the bigger muscles

to return their ball.

On my video page on this website,

 all the playing videos show me in

the old upright position. 

New videos to come shortly

and you'll see the difference!

What a difference !! WOW


So next here,

it's back on the court,


back to playing many more tournaments this year.

This is the 3rd year for my challenge.

The last 2 years were spent hitting a lot

without teaching or feeding balls,

shadowing the correct form,


playing some tournaments 

to get "reacquainted " with 

competing again.

All to assess 

what needed to be "rebuilt".

Every stroke was reworked from scratch !!  Ha !

I switched

racquets, strings and tension

many times !!

to get a what seems a good fit.

I went through many different

on court and off court


searching for

consistent  improvement.

That will always be changing ,since every day

the body is changing . 

Also now, there are daily 

visualization / breathing / mediative type


which reinforce technique and confidence 

and dramatically lower

the stress hormone cortisol.

This allows and athlete to push harder ,

without damaging the the central nervous system


awakening the fight to flight response.

I also played around with every diet imaginable, 

looking for the best combo for improvements now.

It's been a great adventure so far with

very positive results.

I'll pass everything that's worked along In due time.   

We're all very different but the basics 

always carry over !!

ok thank you 

 - Charlie -  


I'll be on social media very soon :




 I didn't want to post anything until 

I was able to learn enough 

and make sure this is all  interesting enough 


beneficial enough for the publish.

Once I restart the tournament play though,

I'll be posting video and results from everything !!!

So we can all see what the curve looks like.


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